Rights of Shareholder

The company concerns about the rights of our shareholders and investors such as the right to buy and sell properties, the right to earn profit share, the right to know enough informations on the company's meeting, the right to give opinions, the right to make the important decision of the company such as the dividend allocation, the right to appoint the board of directors and auditor, the right to approve important transactions that direct the company, and the right to edit memorandum and regulations of the company.

The company's mission is to promote and facilitate the right of shareholders as following.

Right of shareholder no.1

The company will be sending the meeting invitations with all the informations to the shareholders and publish the annoucement of the meeting on local newspaper 7 days prior to the meeting day. In addition, the company will also publish all the informations of the meeting on the website.

In the event that the shareholders are unable to attend the meeting by themselves, the Company will allow the shareholders to appoint other person to attend the meeting on their behalf.

In organizing the shareholders' meeting, the company will use the location that is convenient for traveling, choose the right date and allocate sufficient time for the meeting in order to comply with the policy that will facilitate the shareholders of the company.

In the shareholders' meeting, the company will provide equal opportunities for all shareholders to express their opinions. Suggestions or questions are allowed before voting and there will be directors and executives of the company participating in the shareholders' meeting to answer questions at the meeting.

Before the shareholders' meeting, one or group shareholders will have voting rights, not less than 5 percent of the total voting rights of the company. This matter can be proposed to the Board of Directors to include the matter in the agenda of the shareholders' meeting.

After the shareholders' meeting has finished, the Company will prepare the minutes of the meeting that record the information correctly and completely so that the shareholders can verify.