Sustainability Management Policy

Absolute Clean Energy Public Company Limited (“the Company”), the listed company in the Stock Exchange of Thailand, which operates business by holding shares (Holding Company) with a policy to focus on investing in the core businesses, which are the business of generation and distribution of electricity and steam from renewable energy and/or clean energy both domestically and internationally by using modern technology, effective and friendly-environmental production processes with responsibility to communities and society.

With the Company's vision to be a world leading clean and sustainable power producer, that is responsible for environment, society, and shareholders under good governance. The Company therefore aims to operate its business as well as to develop and expand its business on the basis of sustainability principles in business operations, under business ethics and good corporate governance to create value for businesses and stakeholders throughout the business value chain and society in terms of economy, society and environment.

Towards this sustainable business, The Company realizes the roles and missions of the Company to create the value and meet the expectations of both internal and external of all stakeholders. This includes the communities and vulnerable groups surrounding the Company and its subsidiaries power plants (“The Group”), focus on and strives to create the community participation and quality of life development along with business growth of the Group.

To ensure that the sustainability management of the Group is completely in line with the direction of the organization that reflects efficiency and achieves the targets that accordance with the domestic and international sustainability standards. Therefore, the Company has established the sustainability management policy for the Group with the key issues in economic and governance, environmental and social dimensions.

Sustainability Development Policy (Thai Version)