Corporate Information

Absolute Clean Energy Public Company Limited (“ACE”) is one of the country's largest producer and distributor of electricity from renewable energy and being the clean energy leader in Thailand. Its main business is holding shares in other companies (Holding Company) that generate and distribute electricity and steam including other related businesses both in Thailand and other countries.

ACE has a strong background in the clean energy power plant business, with more than 40 years of experience and high expertise in technology for generating electricity from biomass fuels, solid waste fuel, natural gas fuel and solar power. We also invent in research and development innovative in clean energy power plants that are friendly to the environment, society and communities which can increase production efficiency and cost effectiveness in various management as well as create research developments on fast growing plants and energy crops to encourage farmer network to plant and sell as fuel back to our power plants. Under the vision of being a world leading clean and sustainable power producer, that is responsible for environment, society, and shareholders under good governance, as well as being one of the world's leading power plant operators who develop the most efficient power generation technology system. Our goal is to expand the total installed capacity to 1,000 megawatts by 2024, coupled with a focus on building stability and sustainable business prosperity, improving the quality of life of farmers and communities surrounding the power plant as well as being a part of building the country's energy security.

ACE is currently inducted into the SET100 Index, including the FTSE SET Mid Cap and FTSE SET Shariah Index, by the global organization, FTSE Russell in cooperation with the Stock Exchange of Thailand, as well as being selected into the MSCI Global Small Cap Index.

COD Projects 23 Projects

257.57 MW

Under Development 34 Projects

270.80 MW

Total Capacity

528.37 MW

Our Vision

A world leading clean and sustainable power producer, that is responsible for environment, society, and shareholders under good governance.

  1. To be one of the world's leading power producer with the most effective electricity generating system.
  2. To expand our business both domestically and internationally.
  3. To create continuous prosperity and everlasting longevity through sustainable business practices that are responsible to environment, society, and shareholders.
  4. To operate the business under good governance.
Business strategy

The company has defined the business strategy as follows:

  • Develop an organization to meet the needs of all sector
  • Systematically manage company
  • Develop proficiency in management
  • Innovative Creation for the highest performance electricity generator
  • Develop and provide stable and sustainable fuel
  • Create profitability along with social and environmental responsibility
  • Growth stable and sustainable
Core Value
Core Value Implementation