Corporate Information

Songmetta group previously was a major shareholder of the company running energy plants research and development business and distributing hardboard and wood chip.

They are one of the biggest companies and have sufficient amount of residue from wood chip each year so they saw the opportunity to use biomass for business. Absolute Clean energy also helps in supporting the renewable energy policy of the Government by focusing on clean energy from left-over residual materials in the country, which amount to more than 59 million tons per year.

Absolute Clean Energy’s strong foundation in the integrated agricultural industry, together with our experience for more than 30 years in pioneering and operating biomass power plants in Thailand, has garnered us a reputation for being one of the most efficient biomass power plants operators in the ASEAN region. Absolute Clean Energy Public Company Limited currently holds 14 COD power plants (total 212.18 megawatts) and another 19 projects are being developed.

COD Projects 14 Projects

212.18 MW.

Under Development 19 Projects

209.19 MW.

Total Capacity

421.37 MW.

Our Vision

To be the practical model of clean energy power plants, which is responsible for environment, society, communities and shareholders

  1. To be one of the world's leading power plants with the most effective electricity generating system.
  2. To expand our business both domestically and internationally.
  3. To achieve business stability while being responsible to the environment, communities, and shareholders.
Business strategy

The company has defined the business strategy as follows:

  • Develop an organization to meet the needs of all sector
  • Systematically manage company
  • Develop proficiency in management
  • Innovative Creation for the highest performance electricity generator
  • Develop and provide stable and sustainable fuel
  • Create profitability along with social and environmental responsibility
  • Growth stable and sustainable
OUR Values