Corporate Social Responsibilities and Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy


Corporate Social Responsibilities and Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy (Thai Version)

We believe that being successful in business is not only measured by the quantity or quality of the products but the social and environmental responsibility. ACE realizes the importance of the connection between high technology, being environmentally friendly, and the efficient use of resources. We have been developing research plants continuously for more than 30 years to have high quality and productivity of Eucalyptus species for supplying to each zone in the country. It has been known as paper plants with 2.5 million contract-farmers all over the country with a management guideline as follows:

Social Responsibility and sustainable community development

How Absolute Clean Energy has contributed to development in the community:

  • Generate income to Thai agriculturists for more than 2.5 million farmers from planting paper trees, timber cutting, and transportation of goods worth more than 470,000,000 baht per year.
  • Support agriculturists to plant paper trees by using their available land. For example ridge, grow with other mixed plantations.
  • Support local people and agriculturists to work in their hometown to form a strong community.

Social and community responsibility

ACE has launched a social responsibility policy for people to volunteer in performing useful activities to present to our majesty by conducting community service, developing the locality, supporting the education of Thai youth, continuing our old traditions, environmental saving, and always helping each other. For instance, saving cow lives, blood donation, meditating for our kind, and besides these contributions, we also promote Shaiyo Community Development to maintain Buddhism and continue local traditions and cultures as a great member for the community through performing road maintenance projects, joining Kathin activities, and carrying on the Songkran festival, rocket festival, etc. We are well accepted by the community in many provinces.

Sustainable Development

The first priority of ACE is to support Thai children's education. Therefore, we established the "Supporting Education and Children Development Project” to provide scholarships by giving paper trees to schools across the country, promote various learning and educational activities, for example by supporting APAC children activities, Olympic Chemistry, learning medias, providing educational opportunities to the poor, and also to provide support when Thailand faces crisis from natural disasters like flooding and southern frontier terrorists. We look beyond people who suffered from harms and therefore, we created "send regards to the victims" by giving rice to government sectors, solders institutions,police officers, and other support organizations to give rice to the victims. In 2011, we gave more than 2 million baht to victims of flooding, provided transportation, gathered trucks for delivering goods, and our staff also volunteered to help victims. We are always equipped for growth with stability and we are dedicated to operate a sustainable business in the agricultural industry alongside cultivating the Thai society.

ACE’s goal is to inspire values and conscience of both the business and the community to have a co-operative growth now and in the future.